Lesson 2

Finding Middle C

Your objective today is to memorise where C is on your keyboard, especially Middle C as this will be important to us as we progress.

You’ll see that the black notes are clumped together in groups of two and three. C can be found just to the left of the two black notes. Middle C is simply the C nearest to the middle of your keyboard. In this image where there are four C notes,¬†Middle C would be the second from the left.

Finding Middle C

Keyboards come in a range of different sizes. You might have a 36, 49, 61, 76 or even 88 note keyboard. A standard piano length is 88 notes although some grand pianos go up to 96 notes.

Keyboard manufacturers started making digital keyboards in different lengths to suit different needs and for better portability. My advice is that if you want to learn to play properly, go for one that is at least 61 notes in length.

Below is a diagram of a 61 note keyboard with Middle C shown in red.

Keyboardist - Middle C on 5 Octave Keyboard