Keyboardist - Free - Rhodes V-Pan

Rhodes are offering a free gift just in time for Christmas. The Vari-Pan section of the new V8-Pro is now available on its own to help you get that classic Rhodes sound. Experiment with different textures on guitars, synths and more.

Main Features: 

  • Directly modelled from the unique Rhodes MK8 hardware Vari-Pan circuit
  • Left/Right panning LED’s
  • Continuously variable waveform for maximum sonic flexibility
  • Rate goes from super-slow right up into audio rates for synth-esque and ring mod-like effects
  • Deep depth control
  • Parameter value readout
  • Waveform Slew and Smooth controls to further shape/customise the panning waveshape
  • BPM sync

The plug-in is being made availble for free until the end of January.

We’ll drop a demo video up for you shortly so that you can hear it in action.

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