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Everyone knows that us keyboardists love to be surrounded by banks of keyboards and racks of modules. Ideally we want a complete surround setup with a small crawl hatch to get in and a swivel chair in the centre to access everything. However this is not always practical for a gigging musician unless you have the budget for roadies and stage trucks. Roland have put together a handy guide for choosing your live stage setup that includes the rigs of some well-known gigging artists and session musicians.

The guide starts by looking at the kind of artist you are to determine the features and functionality that you’ll need in your live rig. If you have some formal training then chances are you’ll want an 88 note weighted stage piano as the basis for your setup. You can also check out their options for providing real time control in the form of knobs, sliders and drawbars.

To round up the guide, Roland have features on nine different artists, including videos where the artists chat about the kit they use on tour and some tips on how they achieve their signature sounds.

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