Beginner Piano Lessons Online – It’s Easier To Learn Than You Think!

Have you always wanted to learn piano and never got around to it? Or maybe you’ve tried learning in the past without success? Have you:

  • found yourself uninspired by the repertoire on offer?
  • not been motivated to spend time practising between lessons?
  • been bored by endless, uninspiring drills and exercises?
  • had a teacher who hated anything but classical music?
  • had a teacher who was going through the motions just to pay the bills?
  • feel that you don’t really know much about music after years of practise?
  • been put off from learning altogether because it looked too tricky?
  • found that life got in the way and now you feel that you may be too old to learn?

I’m offering one-to-one Skype piano / keyboard lessons to a limited number of students, so that you can learn from the comfort of your own home no matter where in the world you are. Tell me what your musical goals are and I’ll tailor the lessons to suit. All styles can be taught, including classical, pop, rock, soul, gospel and jazz.

Learning Is Fun – And Has Health Benefits Too!

I strongly feel that everyone should be able to play music and that it should be completely accessible and more importantly, fun to learn! There’s nothing better than hearing one of your favourite songs come together. In addition to the sheer joy that you can get from playing, it has many other health benefits too, such as:

  • confidence building
  • stress relief
  • improved muscle co-ordination
  • improved memory

What You’ll Learn

Scales and Arpeggios

Whether you want to play like Chopin, Keith Emerson or Herbie Hancock, scales and arpeggios can actually be enjoyable to play if they are taught and practised in a fun way and also give you a good grounding for future improvisation.

Exam Pieces

Want to take ABRSM exam grades? No problem at all! We teach both the Classical and Jazz syllabus and can enter you into one of the three annual grading sessions at an exam centre near to you (UK only / optional).

Chords & Songs

We’ll be showing you how to play chords from day one so that you can start to learn some of your very favourite tunes straight away. Tell us what your preferred songs are and we’ll have you jamming along in no time.

Music Theory

Music theory is easier to learn than you think and is very important to your future progress! You’ll be picking up how to read music as we go along, so you’ll soon be able to recognise notes and rhythms without thinking about it.

How You’ll Learn

These lessons are conducted on a one-to-one basis via Skype so you can learn from the comfort of your own home using your own piano or keyboard. You’ll need a computer or iPad with Skype installed and good net connection. Make sure you can be clearly seen playing your piano via the onboard camera. You’ll need to order the ABRSM grade books (available via this site) if you are taking exams. Supplemental videos, mp3s and PDF’s will be made available for you to view / download to assist with your practise between lessons.






Which Instrument Should You Choose?

While there’s no denying the warmth and beauty of an acoustic piano, we are not purists here and believe that everyone should have the chance to learn, no matter what space or budget you have available. We’ll be doing a full article shortly on what instruments we recommend but in the meantime we suggest going for the very best keyboard touch that your budget can afford. Ideally this will be an 88 note digital piano with a weighted action and touch sensitivity. Use the filters on our Digital Piano pages to find something that suits your space and budget or drop us a message for further advice.

Who Are These Lessons For?

At present these lessons are tailored towards complete beginners or those that have a little previous experience but felt that they didn’t really progress. They are ideal for anyone that wants to play in a band, write their own music, pursue a musical career, entertain friends and family or play purely for their own enjoyment.

Who Am I?

I have more than 30 years music biz experience, including performance, recording, composition and teaching. I’ve supported Soul II Soul, gigged abroad, been signed to an indie label, released my own music, had tracks placed in an indie film and radio adverts, spent more than 10 years running a music distribution service, launched my own labels and educated artists on self-managing their own careers. I’ve also done demonstrator and sales work for Casio, Korg, Roland, CME and Yamaha. Plus I run this nerdy little website you may have heard of called Keyboardist…
Music is my passion! 🙂

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