Keysies® are little transparent stickers that you can add to your keys to make learning to play much easier. We think they’re a great idea as you’ll get to learn where the notes are much more quickly plus be able to see which notes make up the different types of chords.

Keysies® have recently been improved to allow for easier application to your keyboard and to prevent the corners from peeling while you’re learning. They come with enough stickers to cover all of the white keys on an 88 note instrument plus an enclosed guide on where to place them.

As an added bonus they show you where each note is on the stave so you’ll be subconsciously learning to read music at the same time.

Once you’ve memorised the notes and finished using your Keysies®, they remove easily without leaving any sticky residue.

Our verdict: Perfect for beginners as they will speed up the early stages of learning to play.