Welcome to the launch of keyboardist.co.uk!

This website is for everyone, from amateur players to teachers to pros. It’s intended as a guide for those wishing to learn and a resource for those wanting to further develop their musical abilities and careers.

I’m now in the 30th year of my own musical journey having started out in music retail during my teens. Since then I’ve worked as a performer here and overseas, been signed to a London Indie, freelanced as a demonstrator, owned a record label, written production music and much more. It’s been a fascinating journey and I’m looking forward to sharing some insights with you.

A huge thanks to Mike Stobbie for being our first ever interviewee. He’s also had a fascinating career that’s taken him in many unexpected directions and has enjoyed his biggest successes in recent years, definitely worth a read.

One of the things that struck me most when first starting out in retail was the number of retirees who came into our store looking for a home keyboard so that they could finally fulfil their wish of learning to play. That’s why part of our objective is going to be looking into ways of inspiring more people to take up an instrument and finding ways to make it easier for them to do so.

We’re also looking at going out on the road later this year with a selection of synths, digital pianos and controllers. One of the issues we face these days is not always having the means to try a keyboard before we buy, so our intention is to take a range of new models out in a series of roadshows where you’ll have the opportunity to try them for yourself.

We’re not a monthly magazine, we’ll be adding new content daily, especially industry news so do check in for updates.